Zemax Optical System Design (in English)

Русскоязычная версия страницы — Zemax Optical Design (in RUSSIAN) 

We can propose for our clients a service for optical design. We provide the calculation and optimization of optical systems based on the specified parameters of elements with the means of a comprehensive software processor for optical design – Zemax.

расчет и оптимизация оптических системWhat the Customer receives:

Calculation and optimization of optical systems based on specified parameters of optical elements (lenses or optical surfaces, other OS elements, as well as distances between them). The calculation is carried out using a multi-functional engineering software Zemax. We can calculate almost anything; the main thing is to provide us the most complete information about optical system required.

What the Customer must provide for work:

The more complete information will be provided, the more accurate the results for the project we can provide to you. In particular, depending on the goals and objectives of the project, it will be necessary:

— Appellation of the device, its purpose;

— External dimensions of the device required;

— Engineering factors, required design features of this optical system;

— Exact parameters of sources (wave lengths), detectors that should be utilized;

— Exact parameters of the glasses (surfaces) or lenses that are available, as well as the distances between the elements of the OS (or the data of some catalogues for optical elements);

— Exact list of required results, terms of reference;

— Any other additional information.

Features of the project should be specified directly when contacting the Customer.

It is very well to have the possibility of voice communication (not just correspondence) with the Customer via Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram, etc. to clarify the technical nuances of the project (if any).

Personal meeting and discussion of details in Chernihiv city or other place is possible if needed.


Here are the projects of optical system design, in which we have been directly participating  during the last years …


  1. Elaboration of an optical tube for the image output and transfer from the digital projector.
  2. Elaboration of the optical resonator of the complex type for generating coherent optical radiation to produce a laser of metal vapor (copper, gold) with an extra high power.
  3. Elaboration of the principle and optical scheme of an optical instrument – a diffraction spectral analyzer – to measure some physical and chemical properties of wheat grain .
  4. Elaboration of a special lens for laser beam scanning, so-called «f-theta lens» (f-θ lens) – for industrial lasers for processing (cutting) of materials. The specificity of the optical system of this objective lens is that the distance of the beam deflection from the center of coordinates in the focusing plane should be strictly proportional to the angle of beam deflection after the scanning element at the entrance to the f-θ-lens.
  5. Elaboration of the optical scheme of a diffraction monochromator.
  6. Elaboration of an optical scheme of a spectral image analyzer based on backscattering, using fiber-optic conducting channels.
  7. Elaboration of a specialized short-focus lens for the LED Bi-LED headlamp (lower and upper beam). Investigation of the methods for the formation of a wide beam with certain characteristics for roadway lighting in accordance with all necessary standards for the distribution of light flux and safety. As well as the development of long-range narrow-fused automotive LED searchlight (floodlight) with parabolic fitting reflector, based on total internal reflection.
  8. Elaboration (simulation) of the path of the rays in the optical system of a light microscope. Investigating of an optical and mechanical adapter for obtaining the necessary parameters of the image being formed by the lens in the focusing plane of microscope.
  9. Simulation a waveguide to insert an augmented image into the eye in special purpose devices.

  10. Investigation of the optical system of the eye. Methods for measuring, calculating and visualizing of the ray, wavefront and refractive aberrations of the eye. Participation in the investigation of a conceptual and optical scheme for an advanced laser raytracing aberrometer-kerato-topographer; function of measuring the length of the human eye; the function of measuring the shape of the cornea. Investigation and introduction of various models of the optical system of the human eye into algorithms for calculating aberrations. Methods for calibrating the laser raytracing aberrometer. The influence of instrumental (hardware) errors to the aberrometer’s calculating accuracy when measuring values ​​of optical aberrations of the eye and so on (under the guidance of Professor Molebny V.V.

Some fragments of the our works of optical design reports:

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